frequently asked questions

“How soon should I book the entertainment for my reception?”

Begin shopping for your music as soon as you’ve set the date. Many of our clients are often trying to book their entertainment at least 12 months in advance in order to secure the perfect band. The earlier you can reserve your music, the greater choice of options you’ll have, and the least amount of stress!

“Can I be sure that the band I see will be the band I get?”

The name Jerry Kravat Orchestras is synonymous with integrity. We have a deep respect for our clients and are committed to your total satisfaction. Every band is a set unit. This means no surprises for you on the day of your event. In the very unlikely case of a situation beyond our control, we will provide a suitable replacement, no matter what the cost to us.

“Can I see the band live prior to my affair?”

This is sometimes possible, but please be aware that we are full-time, professional “private party musicians” and seeing the band at an event can be quite difficult to arrange. As a solution to this, our comfortable multi-media showroom is fully-stocked with a vast amount of live video footage, bringing the party right to you at a convenient meeting time for you!

“Could you learn a new song for my party?”

Our bands are routinely learning new material for almost every party we perform. The professional composers and arrangers on our staff do a brilliant job of preparing new music for our musicians to learn.

“Do you play continuous music?”

Yes, this is the basic industry standard for private parties in the New York area. We accomplish this by breaking the band into smaller combinations to play background music during eating and listening periods, while the other musicians take a brief rest.

“How do we go over the music and details for my affair?”

Picking out the perfect entertainment is just the beginning of the great service that you will receive from Jerry Kravat Orchestras. Approximately one month before your event, we will go over all the details of your party from beginning to end, including any special music to be included. This can be arranged as an in-person meeting during regular office hours or a telephone meeting. The song list provided on our website can be a great starting point for giving us your music preferences, but please don’t feel limited to it! In the months leading up to your event, we are also here and at your service at any time to answer any questions that may pop up along the way. We will orchestrate every detail for the ultimate in customized service!

“Do I have a responsibility to feed the musicians?”

Our musicians are fully-focused on performing and our contracts do not require meals unless we are traveling long distances. Because we are providing continuous music, there is often little time to eat. However, most clients provide meals for the band as a courtesy; especially in view of the long hours our musicians work and their energetic performances. You should consult with your catering manager as to the costs and arrangements available.

“Does the band have an M.C.?”

All of our groups are self-contained with the expertise to make whatever announcements are necessary. We work closely with our clients to give them the desired style of their party, whether it involves numerous announcements or a seamless presentation with very little speaking from the band.

“Do I need to tip the musicians?”

People often ask this question and there is no simple answer. Unlike a taxi driver or waitress, gratuities for musicians are at your discretion as an optional thank-you for a job well done. Because our musicians routinely provide superior service, going above and beyond your expectations, we often receive tips.  


frequently asked questions

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