planning your wedding music

STEP ONE - Choosing the Perfect Music for Your Wedding

Call to set up a personal appointment with Brad, Suzanne or Jon at 212 686 2200. If possible, try to choose a day and time that all the necessary people (bride, groom, parents, etc.) in the decision-making process can attend, allowing them to receive the presentation first-hand and making the best use of your valuable time!

We will present to you a customized DVD sampling in our New York or New Jersey offices geared to your specific musical needs. Since viewing a band, classical ensemble, or DJ at someone else's event is rarely appropriate, we will "bring the party to you" on DVD, giving you a complete picture of our entertainment from a wide variety of live events.

Once you've seen the options, discuss the specific pricing with our sales staff and work out an appropriate package for the size, style, length, and budget of your wedding. Our sales staff consists of experienced musicians & bandleaders who can use their first-hand expertise to guide you to the perfect combination at the perfect price!

Set a specific time frame for making your decision and communicate that to the sales staff. You will want to lock in your musical services as soon as possible so as not to lose them to another event on the same day!

If you are still shopping for other wedding services, our sales staff may be able to provide valuable referrals of other vendors that we've seen in action and would highly recommend. Don't hesitate to ask for assistance!

STEP TWO - Contracting Your Music

Call our sales staff to confirm your booking and go over specific information that needs to appear on the agreement. This typically involves your contact information, location address, timing of the event, pricing, and specific services we will provide for your wedding.

When you receive the music agreement, please complete it and return with the required deposit as indicated on the cover letter. Should you require any changes to the contract, please contact your sales associate first before making those changes.

Typically our contracts are signed and returned along with a 50% deposit within 10 days of their issue. Please let us know if you require any special provisions with this so that we can be flexible to meet your needs.

STEP THREE - Gathering Your Ideas

Many of our brides and grooms attend other weddings in the months leading up to their own. Take note of things you especially liked or especially did NOT like. These are helpful when communicating to your bandleader or DJ.

Deciding on a song for your first dance. It's helpful to provide an MP3 or CD of the exact version of the song that you prefer, especially if you've decided to take dance lessons and want the band to emulate the recording. The appropriate sheet music can also be very helpful.

Think through what other special songs you may request, including any parent dances or special dedications. Set aside the recordings of these songs as well.

STEP FOUR - Doing a "Little Homework"

TWO MONTHS PRIOR TO YOUR WEDDING DATE, visit our website (the one you're reading right now!). From the weddings menu, navigate to the "wedding forms" page.. Print the forms and fill them out. If you're not sure about something, you will have the opportunity to receive expert suggestions from your bandleader or DJ. Some things on the form may not apply to your wedding and that's fine too!

Call to set up an appointment to go over your details with your music coordinator, bandleader, or DJ. Typically, these appointments are arranged Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm. If an in-person meeting can't be scheduled for whatever reason, we can also accommodate you by going over the details in a telephone meeting.

STEP FIVE - Meeting to Review Your Details

ONE MONTH PRIOR TO YOUR WEDDING DATE, you will discuss your final details with your music coordinator, band leader, or DJ as scheduled by you. They will go over your filled out forms, asking questions and filling in whatever details are still being decided, making sure your wedding is customized to perfection!

At this time, you should be prepared with any materials you need to turn over to us including: directions to the location, caterer's contact information, any timeline received from the caterer, listing of any introductions to be made, CDs, MP3s or sheet music of special songs.

STEP SIX - The final countdown

TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO YOUR WEDDING DATE, please send in your final payment as specified in the contract. The United State Postal Service often has delays in delivery and you won't want to add stress to the final days before the big event.

ONE WEEK PRIOR TO YOUR WEDDING DATE, check in with our staff to go over any last minute changes. You may want to confirm that your final payment has been received at this time as well.

STEP SEVEN - The Big Day!

Enjoy your wonderful wedding and cherish each and every moment!


planning your wedding music

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