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When you're given the task of overseeing and producing an important corporate event, it can be a little daunting even for the most seasoned professionals. Coming up with NEW and CREATIVE ideas will help your event stand out. We would be thrilled to meet in person, by phone, Facetime--whatever your preference--to throw some ideas into the hat. No obligation!

Let's talk options!

As mentioned elsewhere, great production is so very important. Great production makes things LOOK & SOUND seamless. We provide our clients with various sound options, lighting, decor, event planning, props/furniture, A/V projection, etc.


FREE TIP - Did you know that it's often completely unnecessary to employ an extra sound company when you hire one of our bands?? It's generally already included!!!

We can provide you with a "Day-of-Event Coordinator" so that you can relax with confidence and enjoy your event!


Our staff of experienced event specialists follow your every direction and execute the plan flawlessly!

Suppose you're a busy company doing your thing. You may find it more cost effective (in time and money) to simply hire us to produce the entire event. For a nominal fee, we will consult with you on a weekly (and later, daily!) basis, securing the labor, venue and resources according to your wishes and budget. You can be as involved as you like and still work the day job! 

On the Day
Let it be...

Corporate Events.


If your job is to produce medium to large scale corporate events, you'll appreciate the extra help and counsel you'll receive from our team. 


You have a boss, too, and they expect perfection, right? We're more than happy to A/B ideas with you to help you come up with the perfect solution that will make you and your company look good.



Call Brad Detrick in our corporate division today to discuss your needs, get advice and a quote: 212 686 2200

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