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You probably know a few people, right? Just suppose you casually recommended us to them. And just suppose, hypothetically speaking, they called us, we met, everything clicked and they booked music with us. Brilliant!


We have a special "reward formula" for that! Here it is:


5 + YXZ - 23 + 5.6 x 7=@#$%^. What that means is that you'll be getting cool stuff like a Level 2 production upgrade for free! Or a Horn Section upgrade (e.g complimentary Trombone), or perhaps cocktail music, or a ceremony musician. How does a cello sound! Click here for the real math on referrals.

It's never too early. If you are a wedding client, tell your boss he MUST book the band you booked for your event for this year's holiday party! Receive 10% off of your final bill! If you ARE the boss, what are you waiting for? Your people work hard; make sure they get to play hard, too!  Call us!

Check back
early and often
the Holidays
Just Hit Play! -




Upgrade your bottom end by adding a subwoofer. We'll mic the bass drum so every time we play a beat you'll feel it on the dance floor. Lighting and additional musician options are also available. Call if you have questions!

THIS MONTH ONLY! Take 25% off ANYTHING in L2 Production options! That's crazy!!!

Click here for details

Free Cello!

With any band booking.

Until March 30th 2016

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