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For over 25 years Jerry Kravat has been producing top level Special Events. We partner with Astoria Communications to provide every imaginable production asset you may need. 

As a full service events company and are able to offer world class music and entertainment as well a full production and event support. 

Corporate Sound

You step up to the podium. You want everything to work flawlessly.


We believe corporate sound and production should be invisible. We aim high--100% reliabilty- always!


In the real world, unforeseen things do happen, but our experience and professionalism assures you a seamless transition in any situation. We’ve seen them all!



Event Production

You CAN do all this yourself, however, producing a large, complex event is not for the faint of heart and can be challenging.


When you hire us to perform for your event, we're always a phone call away and are happy to freely advise you on any aspect of the planning. We are available to come on board and produce the whole thing from pre-planning, purchasing, execution, etc., right up to the last note. But don't think you're getting off that easy... he'll want to work WITH you in hand-crafting YOUR event.



Video Display...

Video projectors/flat screens/Video Walls are often incorporated into special events. We can provide multiple configurations from a simple single or double monitor set up, multiple screens throughout the room or state of the art Video Walls.


We also offer live single or multiple video camera live screening during your event. Some of these set ups can be quite complex, so please call to discuss your ideas. We'll gladly assist you in choosing the right solution.

Smoke Machine

Percussion giveaways

 (these are fairly low cost instruments that don't have to be returned)

Early set-up for event - Yes!


Every special occasion should be professionally photographed - "We don't allow no iPhones around here!" 

Our good friend "JJ" can help! Check out her corporate work here, and her wedding work here.


She is a top-notch New York photographer with a diverse portfolio under her belt. JJ has a full array of the latest Canon and Sony Full HD cameras and top notch glass (that's lenses to the uninitiated). If you meet her, you'll hire her!


Single Tripod/4 cans 

 (a very cost effective way to throw some light on things--subtle lighting; very cool ad-on).
Double Tripod/4 cans per side 

 (looking even better!)

LED Uplighting.

(can be "tuned" to room color & theme--from subtle to choose!)
Smoke Machine 
Intelligent Lighting .

 (price per unit - very affective if you're looking for more dramatic visuals)
Monogram GOBO Lights 

Rehearsals with your musicians (family & friends) can be arranged. Call for a two-hour session rate. Our musicians can offer help and advice, if need be.

Music Arranging
There is no charge at all for music preparation. Our team of crack arrangers (Ok, it's just two guys!) will arrange virtually any piece of music for your instrumentation. We're well up on the current Top 40 music so expect the latest and greatest music at your big bash.


Video Reel

A Video Montage is something most people can do themselves. But it is quite time consuming, particularly if you have to learn how to use the latest software.


If you'd like us to take care of this, just call to discuss. You'll simply upload your images, video, text and ideas to our server and, after consultation, we'll do the rest. 

Subject to availability. Prices subject to change

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